FreeBSD based distro for virtual hosting platform and appliance

2020-10 upd: we reached the first fundraising goal and rented a server in Hetzner for development! Thank you for donating !

2021-17 upd: NO-o-o, project is not stalled and not dead ;-) A large iteration is performed to implement and stabilize the API. The final version will be merged into ClonOS. See: one,two, three.

ClonOS installation.

ClonOS setup

If you have problems with the server network, you can change it using the standard procedure in FreeBSD via /etc/rc.conf file

Please refer to the relevant documentation: 11.5. Setting Up Network Interface Cards

If you have problem with CBSD/Nat settings, please use CBSD command to setup nodeip settings and natcfg submenu: cbsd initenv-tui as root

Keep in mind! The sshd daemon in CBSD running by default on 22222 port, not 22. You can change this via /etc/rc.conf file and apply: service sshd restart