FreeBSD based distro for virtual hosting platform and appliance

This is not a commercial project. Development activity is highly dependent on the level of investment, as development requires for hosting, test/development equipment, infrastructure for updates/CI/CD, and support. Please Support Us if you are not indifferent to the development of this project.

Errata, Q&A:

Q: Where can I find the project source code and/or register issue/bug/idea?

A: We use GitHub. ClonOS = CBSD Project (as backend) + ClonOS UI

Use appropriate Issue link.

Q: Why the virtual machine from the profile starts so long?

A: When you first create a virtual machine through a profile, it automatically downloads the ISO from official sites. View the task log to see the status of the task.

You can pre-warm images via CLI command. For cloud images:

cbsd fetch_iso keepname=0 conv2zvol=1 cloud=1 dstdir=default
For ISO images:
cbsd fetch_iso keepname=0 cloud=0 dstdir=default
Details: fetch_iso

Q: Where does the profile fetch ISO images, can it be trusted?

A: List of official sites and mirrors which is uses by CBSD (and ClonOS) located in a public GitHub account with fixed official CRC sum: cbsd-vmprofiles.

This list/repository is maintained/supported by the CBSD community. If you have a GitHub account, perhaps one of these contributors - is You!

Q: I do not find many basic functions in ClonOS

A: Work on the project is focused primarily on covering the entire of CBSD functionality.

If you are not afraid of the Unix command line, you can always make the settings and operations you need by using CBSD CLI

Someday we will implement the rest of UI but it may take indefinite time since we are involved in the project in our free time.

This is not a commercial project, we just love BSD and want to create at least one such project. You can join us in the project or help and support with donations or hosting/development hardware or and mirrors or by using ClonOS in your work (thus creating a stream of error reports ;-)